Other AgMIP tools Workflows

The RIA_Others workflow targets the Regional Integrated Assessment experiment as well. It includes the apps of generating inputs for different crop models (QuadUI Classic), running crop models (DSSAT 4.5 and APSIM 7.5), and producing ACMO report with unified format for simulation result (ACMOUI).

The Apps are more close to applications we used in desktop side, and will produce the exactly same result as RIA workflows. You could use Apps from here instead of regular RIA workflows if you would like, but this will need more effort to create workflow since more Apps are involved here. The visualization Apps are not repeated in this workflow since you can re-use the ones listed in the regular RIA workflow.



This App is used for input data from multiple package or source, like original survey data package plus a weather data package and cultivar package. It will generate a single data package ready for using by QuadUI classic App.

    Input Data Types:

  • Data Sources: Data file with *.ZIP format. Inside zip archive, it will support Survey data CSV file; DSSAT format files; APSIM cultivar XML files; *.AgMIP weather data files.
  • ACEB Data Sources: Data file with *.ACEB format

    Processes: application will re-compressed the data package into a single zip package as first output, while translating the data into ACEB (harmonized data format) for the second output.

    Output Data Types:

  • Zip archive of combined data package
  • ACEB file with combined data. (Currently sicne cultivar files are not supported for translation, it will be lost in this format.)

    Options: N/A

    Links:  For more documentation about ACEB, see http://research.agmip.org/display/dev/JSON+Data+Objects.

QuadUI Classic

The QuadUI Classic app is used for translating users uploaded data into model input files (currently generating DSSAT and APSIM files).

    Input Data Types: Depends on user choice of input_type selection, the inputs might have different data types as follow

 Input_type csv_zip (default) aceb
 Survey Data zip archive of csv tables of survey data *.ACEB (AgMIP Crop Experiment Binary data)
 DOME Separated Field Overlay and Seasonal Strategy file in zip_csv format Single file in *.DOME format
 Linkage *.ALNK *.ALNK 

    Processes: It processes the user-uploaded data into an uniformed JSON data for multiple crop models.

    Output Data Types:

  •     Zip archive of DSSAT model input files
  •     Zip archive of APSIM model input files


  • Input_type: there are two options for selecting data input type: csv_zip and aceb:
    • Option csv_zip indicates the app needs zipped csv file as inputs, which include csv data of Survey (zip file), Field Overlay DOME (zip file), Seasonal Strategy DOME (zip file), and Linkage between field and DOME (csv) (a).   
    • Option aceb denotes users need to input Survey aceb (aceb file), DOME file (DOME) and Linkage between field and DOME (csv) (b).
  • Cultivar_source:
    • Option Customized: application will scan the input data and pick up the cultivar files from particular folder structure (same structure as mentioned above ) and generate cultivar zip archive in the output side.
    • Option System default: application will ignore the cultivar files in the input data and no zip archive will be generated. It is important to notice that, once you choose to use the system default option for cultivar source, you should not connect the cultivar output to any other Apps in your workflow, otherwise it will cause system error and crash.



The popular DSSAT family of crop models, can be used to simulate the impact of environment and management on crops. The DSSAT 4.5 app uses version of the DSSAT Cropping Systems Model.

    Input Data Types:Zip archive of DSSAT input files

    Processes: users can run DSSAT either standalone or incorporated into the workflow

    Output Data Types: Zip archive of DSSAT output files

    Options: N/A

    Links:  For additional information on DSSAT see dssat.net.


APSIM (Agricultural Production Systems Simulator) is a farming systems model that simulates the effects of environmental variabls and management decisions on crop yield, profits and ecological outcomes.

    Input Data Types:Zip archive of APSIM input files

    Processes: users can run APSIM either standalone or incorporated into the workflow

    Output Data Types: Zip archive of APSIM output files

    Options: N/A

    Links: For more information about APSIM see www.apsim.info.


This App is used to translate regular model output data into a harmonized format, which is called ACMO. This App has the similar functionality as the desktop version.

    Input Data Types: Zip archive of model output files

    Processes: users can run DSSAT either standalone or incorporated into the workflow

    Output Data Types: AcmoOutput csv


  • Crop Model: choose which model generated the input zip archive. Currently support DSSAT and APSIM in the system.

    Links:  For additional information on ACMO see http://research.agmip.org/display/itwiki/ACMO+-+AgMIP+Crop+Model+Output.

Unzip tool

The unzip tool take as input a zip file and extracts each file contained in the zip file to an individual item in the FACE-IT history. In order for the files to be automatically recognized by FACE-IT, the file extensions in the zip must match the datatype extensions as defined in FACE-IT (for example, .dome, .aceb, etc). If the files are misnamed, users may manually change the format of the file by clicking on the pencil icon above each data item, select datatype, then choose the new format.

The Workflow

    It has the similar idea as RIA workflows to prepare data set, create workflow and run it. The only difference is that there will be different Apps been involved. You can get the idea from following figure.