Daymet Browser

The Daymet browser is a tool that allows users to import climate data from the Daymet dataset into Galaxy-ES.
  1. Select Galaxy-ES Tools -> Daymet
  2. NOTE: There is currently an issue with mixed HTTP/HTTPS data. Some browsers will not allow you to run this script without explicit permissions. In Chrome, select the shield that pops up to the right of the URL, and select allow.
  3. Move the pointer lat/lon of interest
  4. Select years and variables of interest
  5. Click Send to Galaxy
  6. A daymet file will be available in your history
A 'daymet' datatype has been added to FaceIT which represents this climate data in its native CSV format. The datatype has a built-in convert that translates from CSV to PSIMS NetCDF format. In most cases, you will want to run your Daymet file through the Easy-SIM Model Translator tool. 

The daymet browser is a good example of how Galaxy-ES can import data from external websites. For a more technical understanding of how this process works, please read

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